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Modi Express 2 : Event Report

Event: Modi Express 2 (2018)

Somehow it became normal that when I would go to nepal I'd end up supporting or helping out with all the kayaking events. Over the years this has included Dj'ing for parties, or chatting nonsensicles on the microphone. Well this time it changed up, and we sponsored the extreme kayak championship at the Modi Khola. Afer all, most of the locals attending have been through our whitewater first aid course.

River whitewater kayaker coming over 1 meter drop in centre of river in yellow kayak, signs behind are advertising the event of modi express and mountain river crag outdoor first aid couse north wales

Almost 3 years ago, we taught the majority of the members of the club organising the event. From those early whitewater first aid courses its great to see some familiar faces again. For the festival this year we are sponsoring winners of the event, brand new complete first aid kits.

Kayakers waiting in the start eddy at modi express 2, river sunchine whitewater, 2 kayakers , start line of a race with mountain river crag outdoor frist aid training course

Run by our long time river friends from the Nepal Kayak Club  we were happy to lend our support to this fantastic event. Situated on the river that drains Annapurna Base Camp - the Modi Khola, this is one of Nepal's premier river sports events. Scenic and challenging day runs await upstream of the race course and the camp place.
Kayakers from 12 countries attended, with around 150 people attending on the last day. This is great considering the event is not in any town and by a river in a semi remote spot!

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Bracing Racing

It might look all warm and sunny, but this is glacial melt so its freezing cold by the end of the day. Day one was team paddle of the race course and a few laps with one timed run. The rankings of the timed run decide the order for racing the next day.  Top 22 fastest racers (out of 45) are allowed to continue to the boatercross and down river. I blew both runs up at the finish, a fast typewriter of water pushed me away from the take out eddy twice. Not having a fast planing boat also helped! I lost time both times batling to get in and lost just enough to land prestigious 23rd position.

The Upper Modi Khola

Having not done so well on the racing 2 old friends and I decided to flag an early morning jeep. Riding up to the New Bridge Put-on for the Modi, about 20 km upstream from the race course. With an hour and a half hike with the boat down to the river we had a full day. So time for dhal bhat and noodles! Some read and run rapids, some sketchy, some clean, but all a lot of fun!

suspension bridge over river, forest, sunshine, kayaking, annapurna area modi khola river. Kayaker taking a photo of the river, waterfall in back ground with mountain river crag outdoor first aid training.

The upper section down to the old bridge took us about 4 hours. We had to scout a lot, there were a lot of very good rapids in there. All class 5. Down from the new bridge back to the race course we had about an hour and a half of non stop read and run. It's class 4 with some harder spots, but super friendly and fun. Really good to paddle with Joe and Benny again, niether of whom i had seen since 2 years ago in Nepal.

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Whitewater First Aid Courses

We were here to promote our on going collaboration with NKCC and the rafting industry in general. A really well organised and run event, not complicated and with everything that everyone needed. Big respect to the coffee shop on the road! A unique spot for off river shenanigans were held at a beautiful mini canyon with a 150 ft waterfall by the dance floor! Dhal Bhat was pretty good too, I don't think they were expecting to sell out of beers on the first night though...