Terms and Conditions

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GREEN Transparent

Terms and Conditions of the course you are attending are laid out herein
1.Bookings, Deposit, Cancellations & Refunds
1a. For Individuals & groups: Once you have booked your place on a course, full payment must be sent to Mountain River Crag no later than 1 month prior to the start of the course. If you are booking within this window then full payment must be sent immediately to secure your place.
1b. Cancellations. Mountain River Crag reserves the right to cancel any course or package at any time. In the unlikely event of us cancelling an event a refund or rebooking will be offered. If you are unable to attend your course then the following cancellation rules apply: 1 month or more, full refund of course. Less than one month no refund is available. You will be invited to join us on another course date – if this incurs extra costs then you must pay the difference, alternatively we will refund you any over payment.
1C. Deposits; Deposits are non refundable and are non transferable. Deposits will usually be 25% of the course cost unless stated otherwise
2.Details about you
2a. You confirm that all personal information provided to Mountain River Crag is correct and current.
2b. You have told us about any pre existing conditions which may affect you during the course, these include but are not limited too: Back, shoulder, knee, hip, joint, muscle, tissue injuries and conditions such as, allergies (food/other), epilepsy, diabetes, angina, asthma.
2d. You agree to Mountain River Crag contacting you with the contact details you provided.
2e. Medication you always carry with you for pre existing medical conditions should be with you at all times on the course. If you are unable to carry the medication & need storage, please inform the staff and we will look after it for the duration of the course
3a. You confirm that any equipment brought to a course by you for any purpose is your own responsibility to look after. Accidental damage, loss, theft, or injury as a result of you using this equipment is entirely your responsibility. Mountain River Crag will not replace, refund or recompense any equipment or for wear and tear and subsequent maintenance required.
3b. You agree that any personal activity equipment brought by you to a course is fit for purpose, well maintained and safe to use.
3c. Any sports equipment rented to you by Mountain River Crag has been checked prior to its lease for safety reasons and is fit for purpose. Information about these checks is available in the equipment hire log.
3d. Any rented equipment you use is to be returned in the same working order as originally rented out to you. Any damage, loss or theft will be your responsibility to cover the cost of.
3e. Personal items & valuables brought on any course are your responsibility. Mountain River Crag takes no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage of such items. This includes but is not limited too items such as glasses, hearing aids, insulin pumps.
4a. You agree that any adventurous activity to be participated in carries with it inherent risks. You hereby accept that all adventurous activities including but not limited to rafting, canoeing, kayaking, mountain walking, rock climbing, abseiling, canyoning, high ropes, raft building, mountain biking carry these risks.
4b. You agree to listen to and follow all instructions given to you by the staff of Mountain River Crag for the duration of all courses and activities..
4c. I am aware that by my purchase of any course and signing a printed version of these terms and conditions that I acknowledge and accept the inherent risk of injury involved in any participation in any activity and waive any claim against Mountain River Crag and its employees as a result from my participation in any activities either outdoor or in the classroom with Mountain River Crag. You confirm that you are capable of performing the tasks required on the course and in doing so practice with due care.
5a.Any personal data we hold about you will not be shared with any third parties and will kept offline, in a secure database for use by Mountain River Crag and its only. You will only be contacted periodically regarding relevant promotions, and re-validation of a qualification.
5b. You or any other party waive any claim against mountain river crag, Robin Bushell, Miles Parry, in the event of injury caused by you or to you, whether partial or significant , and accidental damage whether serious or partial to, or death caused by you or to you as a result using any first aid training incorrectly.
5b. You have told us in advance about any special catering requirements
5c. Mountain River Crag reserves the right to refuse anyone onto any course at any time for reasons of, but not limited too non co-operation or compliance, personal & group safety as well as violence towards staff or other course participants.