Mountain River Crag First Aid Logo in green, in a circle with a mountain background of everest (photo taken by robin)

Onwards, Upwards, Outwards

Onwards, upwards, outwards

Happy new year 2019


As ever in business its all about upgrade upgrade, so I have been busy at work developing a new online shop for the site. With many options out there to choose from its overwhelming when you begin to look into it! Really importantly for the site was the ability to get course bookings and payments done securely, and easily for anyone looking. Its 2019, anyone who's anyone is looking to research, book & buy these things online. If its not an easy clean experience, people just won't want to see it through. At least thats what I am like with these things!

So after much deliberation, testing, browsing blah blah, we elected to use the shopify storefront and buy button feature. I actually had a scary 24 hours where i accidentally gave complete domain control to shopify...and lost the site! Luckily no-one was looking since it was Christmas. Now it's all done and working its a simple and slick layout, and I like the ease of their system to use. Lets hope it was worth the up-front.


Carrying on we'll be hitting out a new google ads campaign to drum up some interest for our first batch of UK courses in a while. 2018 was really a busy year for me. I travelled a lot of miles, from Nepal, France, UK, USA, some multiple times and am now writing this at a hotel in Panama. Anyway, it's exciting to think that now everything is much better running in the company than 2 years ago, that we'll have a busy set of courses over the 17 planned course days in Apr-May.

Why aren't we running more all year I hear you ask? Well honestly I love being on the river. Hopefully the summer will be full of either rafting in Switzerland or touring about in Norway kayaking. The result is pending.


Christmas is over, and it turns out if you sit about eating roast dinners, pub lunches and drinking lots of ale you gain a new friend at Christmas. Oh and we're looking for potential staff to deliver first aid out in Nepal for us next winter season. Drop us a line if you're an instructor in first aid & have a whitewater river experience....