May 21/22 Whitewater first aid at the Tryweryn

Big bacon sandiwch and a coffee, everything’s in place and Matt and Chris are just about to arrive.

We say hello, order lunch at the cafe and head off up the road to our riverside classroom for a weekend of whitewater first aid. Cracking on with primary & secondary surveys in the morning, we break for lunch and set a shuttle for our paddle down from the centre to Bala mill. It’s quickly apparent once on the river that all of us are experienced river paddlers, making our descent of the class 2+ lower section of the Tryweryn relaxing and enjoyable for all.

A few scenarios later Chris and I float into swimming eddy (after halfway bridge) and set up our scenario for Matt. As Matt pulls over to the eddy, we are both floating about in the water. Chris’s instructions are to flip out, and be hyperventilating, making him the obvious patient and drawing Matt’s attention away from me. Ive now just taken my feet up off the river bed and pretend to be unconscious, i start rotating in the eddy with the current, slowly but definately making my way towards the flow, and away from the safety of the eddy. At this point Matt has pulled Chris out of the water and heads over to grab me and paddle me to the side, after some more spirited attention grabing from Chris matt half gets me on the side and races back over to chris. I decide to wiggle just a little and float past them both, face down in the water…

If that sounded more fun than your last first aid course, Mountain River Crag is running courses every month this summer at the Tryweryn.
Situated a shrt distance outside of Bala, on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, Canolfan Tryweryn is the best venue possible for teachinh or Highly Rated ‘Whitewater First Aid’

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